A-3 Wk 9-12 Workbook


Mind Map

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.13.47 PM

Researching media corruption through documentaries, novels and posters concludes that politics and Media come hand in hand. Western capitalist systems are supposed to be equal for both rich and poor, instead successful companies buy their way in and out of the laws and government.”In a capitalist system government is supposed to be small, but today the state is more blatant and invasive than it’s ever been.”( Four Horsemen)

“Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version”. YouTube. N.p., 2016. Web. 18 May 2016.

Week 10 Artists Models

These artists models stand up against corruption in politics and media. In the top images, Fahmi Reza villainies the face of corrupted companies and governments. In the bottom left, Briana Kennedy creates a dress out of Newspapers to representing how engrossed the media has become within western culture. The last two posters serve the purpose to inform society of the world we surround ourselves in, in creating detopian/different realities from the present.(Star wars and 1950’s America). Making it easier to see the corruption from an outside perspective.


Meet the Malaysian Artist Fighting Government Corruption with a Cartoon | VICE | United States. (2016). VICE. Retrieved 7 June 2016, from http://www.vice.com/read/meet-the-artist-facing-off-against-malaysias-corrupt-prime-minister
Newspaper/Media Corruption. (2015). Briana Kennedy’s Artwork. Retrieved 7 June 2016, from https://paintmealive1.wordpress.com/portfolio/newspapermedia-corruption-2/
Goldberg, M. (2010). The Empire Wants YOU: New STAR WARS Trading Cards Feature Amazing Propaganda-Style Artwork from Cliff Chiang | ColliderCollider. Retrieved 7 June 2016, from http://collider.com/the-empire-wants-you-new-star-wars-trading-cards-feature-amazing-propaganda-style-artwork-from-cliff-chiang/
Reject Corruption. (2012). Red Pill Live. Retrieved 7 June 2016, from https://redpilllive.wordpress.com/corruption/

The Big Six


Week 10/11 Development in Construction

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.48.12 AM

Gillian Wearing heavily involved herself in street photography during the 1990’s. She clarified her work as ‘making people feel protected’ in a society that encourages judgement and fear. “I have decided that I wanted people to feel protected when they talked about certain things in their life that they wouldn’t want the public that knows them to know”.(Gillian)  Gillian named the collection of photographs  ‘Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say’. Seemly, techniques similar to Wearing’s work would be fitting to represent activism against media censorship.

I have started to experiment with locations and people.

What People Want to Say, The Cube Wellington. Personal Photograph by Charlie Walkley. 1 June 2016.


In order to counter act the ‘big six’, I wanted to create the ‘small eight’. Accumulating  the points of view from seemly insignificant normal people serves to point out the different opinions and personal bias people subconsciously live by. When only 6 Companies are given the power of over 90% of the worlds Media, the thought of accumulating your own opinions become evident.

I wanted to interview people about what they thought media was like and where they get their influences from.

What forum do you use to hear about the news  
Col-apps for the news, cnn, time, la times, Chenae- stuff and Facebook, Tina- apps mpr and clipboard, Luke- Facebook, Whitney- Facebook cause I don’t have, the news is always about bad things so I don’t like watching it.Olivia- mostly Facebook, my parents watched the news everynight, snapchat stories, Google Milly- stuff.com and Facebook. Jess- tumblr
News that has changed in time for you
Col- the war on terror, I was 6 and it was a huge thing, I didn’t realise the relation it had, national security changed for America. Omg huge reality, terrorism has only grown. Chenae- Madeleine Mccann- I reckon the parent killed her now, Maori politics.Tina- Kony 2012. Luke- FBI, They wanted Apple to open up the apple phones to get a terrorist phone, they were like na, wtf they upto giving access to the phone, na that’s a breach of privacy. TPPA thought these people were weird  for protesting, then I ended up protesting. Whitney- TPPA, you’d see thing you you’ll be totally against it then completely can your mind, I still don’t know if I’m for or against it. Jess-the presidential election, trump was funny and but its like shocking and not funny anymore. Hillary isn’t as awesome as you want is to think, maybe Hillary but probz not trump, make it worse if I let him. Milly-TPPA. first when I heard it I thought is was only bad and then there are also things that need to be done. Kony 2012. Personally the changing your Profile Picture for paris thing was retarded because shit happens everywhere everyday, just cause one city blew up in western media, but it was cool how everyone got involved. They were also making it somehow relate to them, when it doesn’t.
Do you think media is a good or a bad thing in today’s world? 
Col- it’s a good thing, everybody needs to be informed about the world, what broadcasted isn’t always true, don’t do a good job at picking the stories. Chenae- good that is informs people and bad because it’s almost like propaganda now a days, there’s so many stupid shit that only exists because of it.Tina- it really convenient, news can be shifted, spread so quickly and can easily corrupted. Convenience  isn’t always the best thing. Luke- good, social media is good, sponsored media is bad because it mean companies can buy the news and promote the stories they like. Whitney- in today’s world we have to question everything we see, because they decide what they want you to see, even though it may not be truth.  There’s a lot more behind now; Twisting your perceptive on things. Jess- Good. helps people connect, Even if older people don’t agree and say back in my day. Milly- Good, I don’t know it’s just cool. News-Good, good informative. Social media, up and downs, good for connecting this people cause it you heard of people before social media didn’t keep in touch as often cause more effort, it’s also retarded how people obsessed over likes and pictures. Olivia- The issue is you can look at it from both perspective, media enables globalisation, the world used to be so much bigger than it used to be, because everything is a click away. We can use to to get idea around the world and connect ideologies. However internet is a  western luxury, enables capitlasation and media mongrels (rupert murdoch) He owns half the media outlets in the world. The Edge is owned my media works which is eventually owned by Rupert Murdoch. One person is in charge of of everything, creates a conformed society.
Do you think news is biased?
Col- yes, you can look at every news outlet depending of their views, you’re getting opposing view, the news shouldn’t be a bunch of people opinions instead of real truths. Tina- yeh it’s biased based on money and political views. Chenae-the news is biased. Luke- yup, ,media corruption is caused by money and capitalism Whitney-yeh, they are picking what they want you to see, there’s a lot more issues can aren’t covered. Milly- news I biased, yup, The news does make it hard to critically think because it is told often from one perspective. Olivia- privately owned news is biased, news should not do that. Jess- yes it is really hard to find a new source that actually unbiased, Fox News are pretty dangerous, once so many people watch one source that’s when it’s harmful. All these terrorist attacks, fear mongering, get people racist and worked up! Wicked white people with blondes wife. Do you think media can be unbiased. Col- Yes, its very possible when people frame their own stories, but then again I’m speaking of something that would only exist in an ideal world. Tina- surely, no, it’s is so in, when you write, In indirect ways, everything is biased. Chenae- if you get both sides, it’s still their opinion, you cant not put your opinion of something you write. Luke- if it’s independent media can be unbiased. Whitney- maybe, some media believe they think they telling the truth but they are still reading it through their own personal biased, so it’s kinda hard not to be biased. Olivia-yeh it can be, there are lots of  journalists out there that can present the story with both sides but it’s not easy. It’s really bad to only hear one side of the story. If your looking through a public forum it’s made by a team so then it has to go through a number of people. Jess- I want to say there’s no way to be unbiased, if it’s coming from a person it’s gonna be Biased.  unless there’s someone striving to be unbiased
Have you ever felt like you’ve been a victim to media or portrayed wrongly? 
Col- I tell them I’m in a sorority, people say oh your that girl in this toga party with that frat boy. Tiny- can’t think of particular moment where I was like fuck the Internet. Luke- people like Kayne west get pretty fucked over, you read an article about kayne west that doesn’t even use direct quotes, people are just making stories that will get read. Whitney- with modelling you don’t know the exact context photographs will be posted but I’ve signed off on them so I can’t say anything about it. Jess- no, there are groups of people that have been fit way harder, basic white girl, there’s not such thing as reserve racism, when your the ones who have always had the upper hand. Olivia- yup very often. Coltan mining, can only be found some places of the world, one of them being Congo, we are so deprecate for phones the the need to Colton has become unprecedented, the mining  has become corrupt and rapes and murders occur and nobody know about it! There was a media article about this girl who won a schorship, this year she didn’t take it, that effect me cause I could have got it, but she got all the glory for being something that she’s not. Milly- When you say victim I just think of ask.fm, people just asked really mean questions. Too much technology for our own good. I’m scared in the future when you search up people’s names you’ll get all the photos you’ve ever posted or someone else has!

 Best Photographs taken for final Art work

I have decided to edit the photographs black and white because then it becomes more cohesive to look at as a whole.

Final Art Work



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