Week 4 Task 3B

This 5minute free writing exercise requires you to stay focused on the writing task, and stick to the rules. Rules:
1. Do this on paper with a pen/pencil– it works best!
2. Use a timer. Set for 5mins.
3. Write as much as you recall about the chapter. Do NOT look or refer back to it–Work from memory! 4. Keep writing versus lifting your pen off the paper.
5. Stick to the timeframe–no more–no less than 5mins.
6. Take a break.
7. Then copy it – into your blog verbatim.

The trains were used to transport people to work, defying space and time.

Screen can defy the limitations of the human eyes

The Google Glasses

There is a tsunami of knowledge online, often making it hard to feel like you’re right

Microsoft/Apple etc. can filter the knowledge that we see, come between us and the facts

After the holocaust trains were used less on screen because trains gave the opportunity transport many more people.

The media that streams world events are not very comprehensive but easily available.

We adjust our bodies to the technology that surrounds us.

Global Village

Google maps out the world which is just a click away.



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