Week 4 Task 3A

After your first couple of readings consider: 

1.What is Mizoeff asking you to think about? (50-100 words)
Mizoeff points out the advancements of technology on trains and screen and how these have shaped how we live and how we perceive the world. Television has created a global village in which we defy time and space, e.g. Millions can watch live events in other countries and split screen can transcend limitations of the human eye. As well as trains transport Millions to work from far away every day. For better or worse, we don’t just look at the world on screen, it’s how we look at life.” (Mizoeff 151) The for worse being the cooperate companies that may filter the way we see.

2.Do you think it might be important we know about it, think about or consider it, or research it in more detail?
Explain why? (50-100 words) Yes, it is important to know that events we perceive on screen are in no effort comprehensive and usually are only one point of view (Mizoeff 150) If all we know to be true about the world is from the screen then one cannot make understanding of our world. Companies with hidden agendas can hide between us the world through the use of a screen, like filtered advertising for example.( Mizoeff 161)  I would be useful to consider and made aware of such things before trying to shape the way they see others, themselves, and the world we live in.

3.Select a visual text from the chapter that best exemplifies your understanding of Mizoeffs ideas and explain why
you have selected this in view of your understanding. Refer to the visual text to assist your explanation. (50-100 words). In this image from the movie ‘strangers on a train,’ the tracks are a symbolism for the path we must follow and the train is the closed world be absorbed ourselves in. This image relates to the human mind and economic world which can be on screens. When accessing a tsunami of online information ( Mizoeff 152 ) filtered images can choose the path of our endeavours online


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